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Pioneering: Ultrasound Ergonomics

The long-term effects of being a sonographer and performing frequent ultrasound exams are becoming more impactful causing chronic pain and even career-ending injuries. The team at Sound Ergonomics, The Pioneers of Ultrasound Ergonomics, provides ergonomics products, education and services backed by decades of industry experience and expertise. Preventing and eliminating pain, discomfort and reduced scanning ability for the practicing sonographer is our goal.

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Pain Reduction: Ultrasound Ergonomic Products

All Sound Ergonomic Chairs and Tables come with a Pre-evaluation and Fit Assessment along with Post-install Training.
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  • Women’s Imaging Exam Ultrasound Ergonomics Table


“I would like to tell you that I am very happy with my new chair! (And my employer is happy that I’m happy!!) I can’t believe how much pressure is taken off of my shoulder- I don’t have near the fatigue that I used to have especially after a difficult to scan patient. Thanks for your work in ergonomics.”

Pat Reif, Saginaw, MI.Regarding the Capisco Ergonomic chair for Ultrasound from Sound Ergonomics

Problem Solving: Ultrasound Ergonomics Evaluations

Occupational injuries among sonographers are reaching record numbers, and we are losing the most experienced in the profession due to the long-term effects of cumulative trauma. Clinical site evaluations are designed to identify the factors contributing to work-related injury in the ultrasound department and provide feasible solutions for addressing concerns.

Ultrasound Laboratory
Ergonomics Evaluation

As ultrasound labs resume normal work schedules, remember the importance of a work environment that is not only safe from exposure to viruses but that is also safe from the risks of occupational injury.

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Ultrasound System
Ergonomics Evaluation

Your ultrasound system is a key component of a sound ultrasound work environment. A Sound Ergonomics consultant can perform an evaluation of your initial design, prototype or final product to ensure there are ergonomic features that contribute to the reduction of injury risks.

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Sound Work

Reducing occupational injury in sonography starts with the work environment. Consider participating in our Sound Work Environments® program which evaluates many aspects of your ultrasound lab to ensure that the sonographer has the tools they need to be productive and injury-free.

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“What got us going on ultrasound ergonomics were the injuries that occurred in consecutive years, 4 and 7 new RSIs, respectively. Since we began focusing on this internally and with your help, we dropped to 2 injuries in the first year, 1 in the second year and only one so far in the third year.”

John L. Murray, Jr. CHMM CSP CIH Safety Director Baystate HealthWhat prompted you to contact Sound Ergonomics for a Clinical Site Evaluation?

Staff & Management Training: Ergonomics Education for Sonography

Injury prevention starts with learning to identify the risks for injury in the work environment. Understanding the types and causes of injury among sonographers is an important step in initiating changes that can help sonographers work more comfortably and with the right tools.

Meet Your Instructors


Joan Baker was born and educated in England. In 1965 she came to the United States of America, at the invitation of Stanford Medical Center, to open the department of ultrasound. She started to perform ultrasound in 1961. She has spent most of her years in education. Joan was the co-founder and first president of Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography {SDMS- 1970-1971} and founder and first chair of the American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography. (ARDMS) She was chair of the Joint Review Committee Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JRC DMS).


Carolyn Coffin has worked in the field of ultrasound since 1987. She has been the program coordinator for diagnostic medical sonography programs, as well as a clinical sonographer. She has performed exams in and taught a number of ultrasound specialty areas. Her professional activities include serving on the board of directors for the SDMS and the SDMS Educational Foundation, service on several committees of the SDMS and the editorial board for the JDMS, and as a site visitor for the JRCDMS. She is the CEO and a partner of Sound Ergonomics.

Free Downloads & Resources

We have several articles and white papers on injury risks and ergonomics in the ultrasound profession.  Additional articles will be added as they become available to keep you informed and up-to-date.

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Demonstrations and Scanning Tips

Explore our video library for advice on features you should look for in an exam room chair and exam table as well as best practices when scanning.

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Ergonomic Experts Academy

Subscribe to the academy and have access to news alerts, webinars, presentations and more.

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“Thank you for the time you spent here critiquing my cartoon type scanning. I have been practicing everything you have taught me….model student and body parts are starting to hurt less and less. The posture thing is killing me but I have felt a huge difference in the how intense the shoulder and back pain were in comparison to now.”

LD, San Diego CARegarding a Clinical Site Evaluation by Sound Ergonomics

Who We Help

Here at Sound Ergonomics we can tailor the best solution for your needs.


As sonographers ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to offer work site evaluations to help you identify risks for injury.  We also offer a line of adaptive equipment that will contribute to a more comfortable work environment.

Risk Managers

Occupational injuries among sonographers in your facility can significantly add to Worker’s Compensation costs.  This can effect staffing and worker morale which can impact the quality of patient care.  Our services and products are specifically designed to help you address injury risks in your ultrasound departments.

Occupational Therapists

Our educational and adaptive products can augment the rehabilitation of the injured sonographers you work with.  By learning how to maintain the most neutral work postures and by using arm supports and cable management, the sonographers can return to work armed with information that will help them reduce their risk for future injury.


Our experience as sonographers and as ergonomics consultants can help make purchasing decisions easier for you. Not all ultrasound exam tables or exam room chairs are created equal and knowing how they will be used is important for ensuring the staff has the appropriate work tools. We can also provide post-sale training and support.


Start your new students on the right path to safe and “pain-free scanning. Learning to scan comfortably right from the start makes neutral work postures a habit throughout their career. Our educational and adaptive products can help support your ergonomics curriculum.


“Ergonomics” is a term that’s used a lot in marketing ultrasound systems. But, can you prove it? A system evaluation by Sound Ergonomics gives you that proof. Our experience as sonographers and ergonomics consultants makes us uniquely qualified to work with your system and evaluate all its features. Your system could then be deemed an important component of our Sound Work Environments® program.

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