"My department purchased 3 ergonomic chairs from your company. The staff is loving them!"

Amy Small, Colorado Center for Reproductive MedicineRegarding the Capisco Ergonomic chair for Ultrasound from Sound Ergonomics

"I purchased six new exam tables and I am completely satisfied with both the tables and the service. One of our tables was damaged in transit and they were able to send another one out immediately and pick up the damaged one. It is one of the best examples of service that I have ever seen. We also LOVE the exam tables!"

Ted Whitten, Ultrasound Practitioner Elliot Hospital Manchester, NHRegarding the Examination Tables from Sound Ergonomics

"We asked the new first year students to watch the video clip you sent last week. They have decided their class motto will be “No pain, all Gain” I thought that was pretty clever. I hadn’t heard that one before!"

Jennifer Sipert, BS, RDMS, RVT Program Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Tacoma Community CollegeJust thought I’d share this with you

"What got us going on ultrasound ergonomics were the injuries that occurred in 2001 and 2003, 4 and 7 new RSIs, respectively. Since we began focusing on this internally and with your help, we dropped to 2 injuries in 2004, 1 in 2005 and only one so far in 2006."

John L. Murray, Jr. CHMM CSP CIH Safety Director Baystate HealthWhat prompted you to contact Sound Ergonomics for a Clinical Site Evaluation?

"By the end of the week Sheree was wearing one of her new arms bands from Sound Ergonomics and completing entire echocardiograms on her own. She was so appreciative of the gifts and thought it was wonderful that a company was dedicated to helping sonographers scan without pain and become more aware of ergonomics. (She said this after her arm was throbbing from a long day of scanning).Our mission was a total success. It was great to be able to leave behind the skills that will allow Dr. Lynch to continue to serve her patients in Honduras. Thanks again for your generous donations."

Joanne Wenger, RDCSJoanne Wenger recently returned from a trip to Honduras as part of the Northwest Medical Teams. Sound Ergonomics supported her trip by providing ergonomic products for Dr. Sheree Lynch a cardiologist performing the echocardiograms.

"I would like to tell you that I am very happy with my new chair! (And my employer is happy that I’m happy!!) I can’t believe how much pressure is taken off of my shoulder- I don’t have near the fatigue that I used to have especially after a difficult to scan patient. Thanks for your work in ergonomics."

Pat Reif, Saginaw, MI.Regarding the Capisco Ergonomic chair for Ultrasound from Sound Ergonomics

"Thank you for the time you spent here critiquing my cartoon type scanning. I have been practicing everything you have taught me….model student and body parts are starting to hurt less and less. The posture thing is killing me but I have felt a huge difference in the how intense the shoulder and back pain were in comparison to now."

LD, San Diego CARegarding a Clinical Site Evaluation by Sound Ergonomics