Scanning In Pain

Studies have shown that 90% of ultrasound professionals have experienced some degree of pain related to their profession. Of these, nearly 90% have experienced work-related pain for more than half of their careers. One of every five sonographers sustains a career-ending injury as a result of their occupation. We often don’t recognize the risk factors and are not aware that injuries are developing until the results are severe. It is also difficult to know what steps are necessary to avoid injury or reduce pain. Sound Ergonomics works to educate sonographers, equipment manufacturers, administrators and educators about the ergonomics of sonography.

Ergonomics is the science of proper body mechanics, postural alignment, and workspace design. It involves the identification of risk factors, then problem-solving to reduce the incidence of injury. The identification and elimination of factors that contribute to injury is an important step in the process of injury prevention and recovery.

Sound Ergonomics provides worker assessment and the development of ergonomics programs. The consultation and training provided are unique to the field of sonography. Additionally, exercise programs, adaptive equipment products and equipment recommendations for environmental solutions are available, specific to the needs of the ultrasound lab. Sound Ergonomics is dedicated to increasing awareness of the risks associated with poor scanning environments and educating sonographers in ways to reduce those risks.