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Your body is talking, are you listening? “Listen” to your body through the vibrations of an sEMG biofeedback tool.


Your body is talking, are you listening? Introducing the Ergo ChecKit.  At last, a solution to help reduce your risk of WRMSD! “Listen” to your body through the vibrations of an sEMG biofeedback monitor. Once you identify the source of the vibrations, check the Ergo Wheel™, an easy-to-use pocket reference guide, for recommended posture corrections. The monitor is available for either wrist & hand, neck & shoulder, or as a combo kit.

Help reduce the cause of your pain in a safe and intuitive manner. Surface EMG biofeedback brings awareness to signals from your body that you may not otherwise notice. Research has shown that biofeedback is the best tool for habit change when it comes to muscle activity. During stress or a period of high-level concentration, muscle activity that you may not notice is often present. The Ergo ChecKit warns you, with a gentle vibration, when you are using your muscles in a way that may cause pain. This vibration is a signal for the user to take a micro-break or change position. When taking a break, the muscle relaxes and can recover from static postures or sustained activity. After a while, regularly taking micro-breaks will become a habit. This can reduce the cause and severity of the pain. It can also be used as a tool to create a more ergonomic workstation by alerting you to daily activities that can lead to muscle pain.

This tool has measuring technology that can analyze and send muscle data to a smartphone and that was developed in cooperation with one of the leading research organizations in Europe. Studies show that the sustained muscle activity is reduced by 61 % when using this for 5 days every other day. During the same period, the subjects reported of 21 % less muscle pain. Two months later the subjects still reported 26 % less pain than before the study.

Please Note: This device is non- returnable

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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