Capisco Ergonomic Task Chair with Nylon Casters (Carpeted Floor Surfaces)

$1,265.00 $892.00

The SWE Capisco chair has a wide height range which makes it compatible with taller work surfaces. It can also be used in a sit/stand position.

  • Includes a pre-evaluation, fit assessment and post-install training* ($397.00 Value)
  • Custom built to your specifications
  • Shipping is free unless in Alaska or Hawaii
  • Schedule your consultation to Talk to an Ergonomics Chair Expert today.
    *Post install training limited to an hour with a single Sound Ergonomics expert.

The increased use of technology in today’s workplace has led to decreased movements in order to accomplish tasks, resulting in the relationship between the user and the equipment being “frozen”. The postures that result are not normal for the human body. Often, working postures are a direct result of the workstation design used and the operator’s work practices. The Capisco task chair provides effective solutions to the awkward and stationary postures that can be found in these settings. The unique design of the Capisco allows the user to be seated in the standard position (back against the back rest) or reversed so the front of the torso is supported. This flexibility and adjustability provide effective ergonomics for accommodating a variety of staff, regardless of stature.

Chairs are custom built to order. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Task Chair Features:
• Backwards tilt
• Lockable seat adjustable
• Seat height adjustable 19″-26”
• Seat depth adjustment
• Back height adjustment
• Footbase with sloping footplates
• Independent backwards tilt resistance adjustment
• Your choice: Rubber casters for hard floor surfaces or Standard nylon casters for carpet

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Weight 78 lbs


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