Ultrasound System Evaluation Services

The knowledge and experience of Sound Ergonomics’ consultants can serve as a valuable resource to help you in the development of more ergonomic ultrasound systems. We can help you optimize your product development by providing specific consultation regarding issues of platform and transducer design for the optimization of your equipment.


Why Have a System Evaluation?

  • To identify features that might impact user comfort
  • To provide suggestions for future ergonomic features
  • To develop ideas for marketing the ergonomics features of your system

Why Choose Sound Ergonomics?

  1. We pioneered ergonomics in the ultrasound profession
  2. We have many years of experience in clinical ultrasound and education
  3. We have on-site knowledge of how sonographers use their equipment
  4. Our experience gives us unique insight into how certain features of ultrasound systems affect user comfort

Benefits of System Evaluations:

  • Suggestions for ways a system design can add more ergonomic features
  • Review of the system and certification of it as a component of a Sound Work
  • Summary report of findings that can support marketing items

This is What our Clients Are Saying

"Our Diagnostic Imaging company invited Joan Baker to speak to our Ultrasound technologists at a one day seminar which included a very valuable hands on session with our own equipment. This session was very well received by our technologists and our executive administrators. Our employer realizes the benefit of having healthy and “ergonomically sound” sonographers and to this end has acquired the necessary aids to scanning, including the wonderful Capisco chairs. We would highly recommend the informative seminars provided by Sound Ergonomics."

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Interested in Ultrasound System Evaluation Services?

In addition to our consulting services, we offer virtual demos for a number of our products that are designed to support neutral work postures and help reduce your injury risks. This gives your staff the ability to see the products in use in a realistic setting and to ask questions of our consultants.
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