Ultrasound Laboratory Evaluation Services

When ultrasound labs resume normal work schedules, remember the importance of a work environment that is not only safe from exposure to viruses but that is also safe from the risks of occupational injury. Sonographers should be able to return to an ergonomic ultrasound lab. Sound Ergonomics can help you review your department’s workstations through work-site evaluations.

The newest addition to our worksite evaluation program is the virtual ergonomic evaluation. These evaluations can be done remotely, providing our consultants with the necessary documentation we need to assess your workstations and the sonographers work postures without us being on-site. There are 2 different options for a virtual evaluation, and we can help you determine which one will work best for you.

This is an affordable and “no contact” option for an ergonomic evaluation of your facility and contributes to the personal protection of the staff.


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