Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation’s Now Available

These evaluations can be done remotely, providing our consultants with the necessary documentation we need to assess your workstations and the sonographers work postures without us being on-site. There are 2 different options for a virtual evaluation, and we can help you determine which one will work best for you. This is an affordable and “no contact” option for an ergonomic evaluation of your facility and contributes to the personal protection of the staff.

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Ultrasound Laboratory Evaluation Services

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Today’s Workplace

When ultrasound labs resume normal work schedules, remember the importance of a work environment that is not only safe from exposure to viruses but that is also safe from the risks of occupational injury. Sonographers should be able to return to an ergonomic ultrasound lab. Sound Ergonomics can help you review your department’s workstations through work-site evaluations.

The human body is made for movement, however, today’s work stations discourage movement leading to static and awkward work postures. The injuries that can occur are referred to by OSHA as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD ), BUT they can be addressed. Injuries can be dramatically reduced through a worksite evaluation, protecting the workers and saving you money.

Why Have a Worksite Evaluation?

  • To identify injury risks
  • To develop a plan for prevention measures
  • To provide information for the development of a work safety program

Why Choose Sound Ergonomics?

  1. We provide work site assessment for medical imaging departments and for business office workstations.
  2. Our consultants have industry-specific knowledge in medical imaging modalities and certification in occupational ergonomics.
  3. Our years of experience make us the best choice for identifying injury risks in your workplace.

Benefits of Site Evaluations:

  • Suggestions for how to change work postures
  • Suggestions for more comfortable workstation set-up
  • Decrease in employee injury
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in employee morale

Services Overview


  • Peak years of muscle strength are between 25 and 35 years
  • As we age, we have to be even more aware of our work postures
  • Cost of injuries involve dollars spent and lost income
  • WRMSD costs can exceed the costs of several major diseases
  • Cost for treating these injuries plus Worker’s Compensation costs are only 1/3 of the overall cost of WRMSD
  • Costs related to loss of productivity represent the largest portion of the cost of these injuries
  • Other costs include physical pain, emotional distress and financial hardships
  • Injuries are difficult to treat successfully and, can recur
  • Prevention is the KEY and involves changes in the work environment and work behaviors

Work ability depends on a relationship between the worker, the demands of the work environment and the components of the workspace.

Components for Worksite Assessment:

  • Review work schedules
  • Review of all workspaces within the facility, including off-site spaces
  • Observation of each worker and work postures
  • Brief, on-site report during an exit interview
  • Detailed illustrated report sent to administration within 3 weeks after assessment
  • On-site training, if desired

Pricing of Site Evaluations:

  • Customized for your particular work environment
  • Based on the number of workers being evaluated, the number of work spaces and locations
  • Includes a brief training session; and additional options, such as a “train the trainer” sessions, are available

Information Needed to Prepare a Quote for an Ultrasound/Medical Imaging Worksite

  • Number of sonographers/medical imagers to be evaluated
  • Number of exam rooms to be evaluated and if there are any off-site locations to be evaluated
  • Are beside exams performed?
  • Types of ultrasound specialties and/or medical imaging exams being performed at your site
  • Will the optional “train the trainer” session be included?

Information Needed to Prepare a Quote for an Office Worksite

  • Number of employees to be evaluated
  • Number of workstations to be evaluated
  • Type of work tasks being done
  • Will an optional lecture session be included?

This is What our Clients Are Saying

"Our Diagnostic Imaging company invited Joan Baker to speak to our Ultrasound technologists at a one day seminar which included a very valuable hands on session with our own equipment. This session was very well received by our technologists and our executive administrators. Our employer realizes the benefit of having healthy and “ergonomically sound” sonographers and to this end has acquired the necessary aids to scanning, including the wonderful Capisco chairs. We would highly recommend the informative seminars provided by Sound Ergonomics."

Radiology Consultants AssociatedCalgary, Alberta, Canada

"I am very grateful that Sound Ergonomics could come give a co-worker and me an ergonomic evaluation in May of 2015. She pointed out things I could do immediately and proactively to help
avoid problems. Shortly after, we were able to get more ergonomic chairs and this led to new chairs for the entire office and within the last year, several of us have been able to get a standing desk. Mine arrived recently, so I’m looking forward to setting it up and working in a much healthier way by standing for a portion of the day. Thank you for making me aware of healthier ways to work. Your evaluation led to some great improvements in our office."

JKHarborview Medical Center, Seattle

Interested in Ultrasound Laboratory Evaluation Services?

In addition to our consulting services, we offer virtual demos for a number of our products that are designed to support neutral work postures and help reduce your injury risks. This gives your staff the ability to see the products in use in a realistic setting and to ask questions of our consultants.
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